The M600 Architectural Aluminum Window System

The M600 Aluminum system is ideal for multiple applications
including Multi-Level Family, Office, Education, Government,
Healthcare, and Assisted Living

The entire design incorporates structural integrity, durability, design flexibility and energy efficiency to meet the projects needs or requests. hinged doors, sliding doors fixed or operable Windows



M600 Awning

The M600 Projected window system allows fresh air in while the vent acts as a protective cover to keep precipitation from entering. This Project-Out window system features a multipoint locking system on roto operating units for ease of operation and added safety. The AW-70 rating of this Projected window system is your assurance of long-term durability, engineered and manufactured to the highest quality standards set by AAMA


M600 Casement

The M600 casement is strong, versatile, durable, inviting and design friendly. It’s larger vents and narrow sightlines make it the ideal choice for any size project. Quaker casements are designed with thick aluminum walls for added strength and tested to the most stringent industry standards for superior performance and durability. The M-600 Series can be easily factory-mulled or set up as a multiple unit in one continuous master frame. This immediately adds value in the form of ease of installation and less costly field labor.


M600 Fixed

The M600 Fixed window system presents a myriad of design possibilities. Matching sightlines allow the M600 Fixed window to be a true compliment to any operable window systems creating a distinct, cohesive architectural style. Quaker’s M600 Fixed windows can also be designed as expansive stand alone units providing stunning views, generous amounts of natural daylight and a unique visual appearance.




M600 Sliding Glass Door

Sliding Glass Doors are often a vital component when designing Multi-family Lofts, Apartments and Assisted Living Centers. M600 Sliding Glass Doors offer a modern architectural design with unlimited color options. These high performing doors are tested and certified to meet the toughest challenges for heavy rains, strong winds, extreme temperatures and continual in-and-out use.


M600 Terrace Door - Outswing

G50-ATD (Inswing & ADA models) Modern building designs integrate doors now more than ever. M600 Terrace Doors provide an elegant addition to any architectural project, while also supplying superior structural, operational, and thermal performance levels not found in other Terrace Door systems. Quaker’s M600 Terrace Doors have design versatility to fit almost any project, including one where continuous framing is the preference. 

Glass Buildings

Our goal is to accommodate the request for production. This way, we can ship specified units that are ready for installation while guaranteeing organized batch deliveries. A representative is always on site to assist in the coordination of the material upon delivery.

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