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Perfect Windows Change Everything!

Choosing the best Window Company is Important, but Choosing Perfect Windows is More Important!

There is an abundant variety of home windows in today’s market. While there are many great options, there are typically only a few windows that best fit your unique project. Make sure to narrow down the right windows for your home’s style, your project’s size, and most importantly your budget. At a certain point, pricier windows outside of your budget will only make minor improvements in the long-term efficiency savings they claim to provide. That is why it is important to take the time to assess your unique needs and filter through the options that check the most boxes for you.

Beyond finding your ideal company and brand fit, it is important to know the right window type for your home. Many people consider single-pane windows because of their affordability. This ends up being less affordable over time. As window glass and window frame technology has improved, double-pane windows have become extremely energy efficient in comparison. While these higher quality options are more expensive upfront, their ability to keep your home at the desired temperature will save you more in the long run.

Modern industry standards promote filling the empty space between double pane windows with safe amounts of gasses, like argon. The presence of this gas significantly slows the transfer of outside and inside temperatures on either side of your windows. Immediately after the installation of new windows like these, your utility bills will drop; your AC units will need to run less to make up for the loss or gain of heat from inefficient windows.

Can Windows be Saved?

Crystal Clear Commercial specializes in all types of windows projects. Windowpane replacement is an option, however if your windows have been broken, cracked, or damaged, most times, it makes sense to replace them. Some projects require a full window replacement, but simple glass pane replacement is often an option.

Window Frame Replacement is often needed for older window frames. Often wood frames start rotting and deteriorate to the point that the integrity of the window is put at risk. Replacing older frames not only improves the support and energy efficiency of the window, but it will also make your windows look much better.

Crystal Clear Glass Inc. works with the top manufacturers for custom glass, for top-tier residential and commercial window projects to ensure you get the best possible options and service! We handle everything from windows, doors, sliders, bathroom doors, glass railings, storm windows, egress windows, skylights, latches, tracks, stained glass, and specialty glass. We have been in this business for 28+ years and always offer input on other home renovation and home improvement projects.

If it has to do with glass, we can help!

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