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CCG provides the charm and details, of the past with the energy performance of the future

Historical commercial buildings are still quite functional on the West Coast - especially in Los Angeles. They serve as commercial buildings, withstanding the test of time and continuing to serve the public. For example, the Bradbury Building comes to mind. It’s a Romanesque charming exterior with cage elevators, marble stairs, and 20th century style windows. It is a classic building used in films like “500 Days of Summer”, “Blade Runner”, and other occasional film shoots.

But the charm of the past doesn’t come with the energy efficient performance of the modern day. Theis leaves - you the architect or facility owner struggling to get your windows up to date with the current energy code. The Ray Bradbury building was restored in the early 1990s - and the windows retrofitted.

A 2002 study confirmed that installing a storm window over a historic window can achieve a similar thermal performance to that of a new low-E vinyl replacement window. The study showed that retrofitting and performance of the newly replaced window performed very well. These retrofit windows will meet the energy code requirements and be energy performant with U-values between 0.40-0.60 and SHGC values between 0.14-0.59.

Crystal Clear works with architects, facility managers, general contractors and owners early on in order to understand the right solution for your project.

We welcome the complexities of historical windows and the nature of restoring historic windows on a large scale. From awning to traditional buildings, to glass walls and casement windows for mid 20th century buildings, we offer solutions for all your needs:

● H450 Awning windows

● H450 Casement

● H450 Fixed - enhanced design

● Hardware and Locking mechanisms

● Interior Finishes

● Custom Color Finishes

We work with you to understand your requirements and then figure out what you need and help you with the process from the design, materials, and installation.

Crystal Clear Glass is here to assist you in finding the window and door solution that meets your exact historical specifications and requirements. Do you have a commercial building that needs window restoration?

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