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Crystal Clear Commercial
Windows & Doors

Manufactured by

Los Angeles based Crystal Clear is your one-stop-shop for the more energy-efficient Commercial Windows & Doors,

serving all 50 states


Unparalleled Energy Efficient Windows and Doors

Products / Series

All Aluminum - Aluminum Wood - Historical - Vinyl

- Wood Aluminum Clad - All Wood

Special Features

Two-Toned Aluminum Options

Two-Tones Vinyl Options

Triple Glazing

Enhanced Sound Attenuation

Batch Deliveries

Right Solution for all project types

Commercial Buildings Multitenant


Custom Historical Buildings



Historical Commercial Windows and Doors

We are offering the highest performing and most energy-efficient windows in the industry, Delivering green products that help achieve LEED status, and Bringing Life Cycle Tested products that are Built to Last, so you can have the Right Solution for your Commercial and Custom Historical projects. 

Fully Remote AIA CES Courses

Quaker Windows & Doors is acknowledged by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) as a Continuing Education Units (CEU) provider and now
offers completely remote Health Safety Welfare (HSW) CEU options to
architects to deliver applicable skills and understanding in FGIA Window
Ratings, Thermal Barrier Systems, Historic Window Replication, and Glass: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow. Each AIA member receives 1.0 HSA learning credit towards annual requirements.


Crystal Clear Glass Incorporated can assist you with any aspect of your project from design to completion. We can assist in resourcing the right products, design, engineering, delivery, and installation for your project.

Quaker’s Historical Windows recognized as part of Metamorphosis Award Winning Projects


Quaker’s windows and doors are independently tested to maintain
performance and durability and are also tested in-house, in accredited
Quaker test labs, to make sure they are performing up to our high
expectations. Products are tested for design performance, thermal
performance, energy performance, and water performance. For coastal
areas, Quaker has a variety of fully tested, impact-rated products to
withstand the most volatile weather. The AAMA test ratings for Quaker’s
aluminum products are AW certified, with a range from CW-40 to AW-80,
and Quaker’s product design yields high design pressure ratings ranging
from 35-50. Not only are the products life cycle tested to meet stringent
industry standards, but they are also tested to standard gateway size as
well as the designed maximum size and weight.


Testing for Quality

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